Motion Technologies UL 508A Control Panels

Motion Technologies Current Limiting Panel    

        Sub-Branch Current Limiting Panels from Motion Technologies

                             UL 508A Listed Current Limiting Panels  
                             UL 508A Listed Current Limiting Panels

       The Motion Technologies current limiting panel reduces the calculated
      wattage of track lighting circuits by providing lower-current-rated-

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  • Helps meet Energy Code Requirements by lowering the VA rating of each light circuit.
  • Simplifies load calculations which are determined by the the connected load instead of the length of lighting track.
  • Reduce Installation Costs when using the Current Limiting Panel from Motion Technologies. The Current Limiting Panel is a series-connected panel that is placed between the branch circuit breaker panel and the track lighting system.
  • Savings - The Current Limiting Panel reduces the calculated wattage of track lighting circuits by providing lower-current-rated feeds.


  • 2 sizes available : 1 to 15 circuit breakers ( 16" x 16" ) and 16 to 42 circuit breakers ( 20" x 30" )
  • NEMA 1 enclosure is standard with a hinged cover and latching lock ( lock not provided ). Other enclosure options are available.
  • Neutral terminals and ground terminals for all output circuits included. ( Finger Safe )
  • Approved for use under California Title 24.
  • UL 508A listed.
  • You can order a Current Limiting Panel with a custom number of circuit breakers to meet your application.


  • Show case lighting
  • Retail Installations
  • Grocery Stores

California 2005 Title 24, Section 130 ( C ) 3 : Luminaire wattage incorporated into the installed lighting power shall be determined in accordance with the following criteria........

3. The wattage of line-voltage lighting track and plug-in busway which allows the addition of relocation of luminaires without altering the wiring of the system shall be the Volt-Ampre rating of the branch circuit feeding the luminaires....

California 2008 Title 24 ( Section 119 ) includes a mandatory requirement for integral currrent limiters for track lighting circuits.

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