Automated Traversing System for the MK-G Continuous Inkjet Printer

automated traversing system

Motion Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Keyence to develop an automated traversing system for their MK-G continuous inkjet printer.

This innovative new system significantly reduces manual operations, increases your operating profit margins, and reduces downtime on your inline manufacturing.

With MTI’s automated traversing system, the MK-G printer will:

  • Significantly reduce manual operations and downtime
  • Operate remotely from your computer or smart phone
  • Automatically perform cleaning and troubleshooting procedures, no more guessing and checking!
  • Eliminate user error– you won’t need an operator to handle the print head
  • Completely eliminate exposure to cleaning solvent and manual cleaning of the print head
  • Increase operating profit margins by increasing uptime and throughput
  • Reduce scrap and wasted product by automatically recognizing and recovering from errors without human intervention

Interested to learn how MTI’s automated traversing system can benefit your inline manufacturing?

See MTI’s Traversing System in Action:

How it Works

MTI’s automated traversing system works directly with MK-G’s Smart Dock to reduce any downtime associated with the printer to the bare minimum.

Significant reduction in manual operation.

If the printer needs to be cleaned, or experiences an error that would affect print quality, it signals the traversing system to return the print head to the Smart Dock where it will automatically perform the most efficient and effective troubleshooting procedure. Procedures take approximately 1-5 minutes to perform, and then the print head will automatically return to its original position on the line. This allows for seamless printing production.

This traversing system, in tandem with the MK-G and the Smart Dock, allows users to operate the printer remotely from their computer or smart phone. This is especially beneficial in plants running lean production because it allows you to start up, shut down, and clean the printer without needing to be out on the floor.

Troubleshooting without the guesswork.

The Smart Dock runs a full diagnostics check before selecting the most appropriate cleaning method, using the least amount of solvent, in the least amount of time possible. In most cases, the MK-G will have cleaned itself and returned to printing in the time it would take an operator to notice that the printer is down.

MK-G Continuous Inkjet Printer

The MK-G is a highly versatile continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer used to mark products or packaging during inline manufacturing. The MK-G performs a wide range of printing applications from simple date codes and lot codes, to bar codes, to 2d codes (QR Codes, Data matrices). It can print at speeds up to 31 feet per second.

The MK-G uses patented technology that increases uptime and through-put in high-speed manufacturing. This directly contributes to higher quality, more stable printing in even the harshest environments.

The MK-G is the only CIJ printer on the market with a Smart Dock– an external piece of hardware that attaches to the printer that does all the manual maintenance and troubleshooting procedures automatically. You will never have to clean the print head by hand again!

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